James (Jim) West

Jim West

"God has blessed me
to see another day
and I am truly

My experience with Prostate Cancer is not what I want for you. I wished, at the time I was diagnosed, that I had someone to guide me through the maze of treatments. It was then that I made a determination to become that Guide, with that was born the (JWPCF) Jim West Prostate Cancer Foundation.

I want to say to those diagnosed men and families, you do not have to go through this agony alone. There is much information to be shared by the Jim West Prostate Cancer Foundation.

We stand ready
to be of assistance.


Signs and symptoms
of prostate cancer

* You may experience frequent urination (especially at night)

* You may have difficulty passing urine

* You may be unable to hold back urine or be unable to urinate

* You may have a weak or interrupted flow of urine.

* You may feel like your bladder is still full even when you have just passed urine

* There may be blood in your urine or in your semen.

* You may get pain or a burning sensation when you are urinating

* You may experience pain when you ejaculate

* You may be having pain in your back, hip or pelvic area.This could be a sign that cancer has spread from the prostate to nearby lymph nodes, tissue or bones.

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Jim West Prostate Cancer Foundation, Inc.

"It's a Family Affair" - Your Health, Their Well-being

Did you know:

  • African-American men are more likely to get prostate cancer.

  • They are also more likely to die from the disease.

Screening is a key choice and change.

The vision of the Jim West Prostate Cancer Foundation, Inc. is that men’s health needs and well being are met.

Doc.Marilyn H.Gaston & James West
Marilyn H.Gaston, MD (Former Assistant Surgeon General and Director, Bureau of Primary Health Care, U.S Public Health Service ) and James West

We men often isolate ourselves when facing the possibility or discovery of having prostate cancer. We sometimes plant our head as far up our derriere as possible. Avoiding reality. This does not help our situation. More...>>

Our Mission

Investing its resources to improve the health and well being of all men, with special emphasis on African-American men, who need additional resources is the core mission of the Jim West Prostate Cancer Foundation, Inc. Through the support of effective cancer health services, policies, and education, the Foundation works in partnership with communities, service providers, advocates, policy-makers, and educators


The Jim West Prostate Cancer Foundation Inc. aims to build a bridge between the myth and reality of Urologic health care professionals and the public, and to advocate on the behalf of Men of Color and their special needs:

  • Wellness and preventive care

  • Self-responsibility and independence

  • and their connections to their families

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